Research resident: Kate Sicchio

We’re excited to host Kate Sicchio as our second Algorithmic Pattern resident in the Then Try This Sheffield studio during April 2023. Kate is a choreographer and technologist, well known for her work in algorithmic choreography and live coding, through a wide range of interdisciplinary collaborations. She will be joining us from Richmond US, where she is assistant professor of dance and media technologies in the department of Dance + Choreography, and an assistant professor of Kinetic Imaging at VCU.

Kate and I (Alex McLean) will be continuing our collaboration working with developing live coding notations for choreographing movements of both robots and humans. Until now we’ve been working remotely, live coding robots simultaneously in Richmond US and Sheffield UK, and this will be the first time that we’ll have brought our robots together! Here’s a quick test to demonstrate the kinds of movements we’ve been generating:

Experiment with a simple robot

This residency will lead into a live performance at Pattern Club Live in Sheffield in 15th April 2023, and at the International Conference on Live Coding in Utrecht on 19th April 2023. Join us if you’re nearby!






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