Summer of Haskell call for proposals

The Summer of Haskell is a programme run by the Haskell programming language community, funded as part of the Google Summer of Code, paying a stipend to being contributing to open source projects. I’ve got a lot out of mentoring projects as part of this for the past three years, and hope to do so again this summer.

The three previous projects were:

Last year’s work with Aravind connected with the Algorithmic Pattern theme, exploring the South Indian Carnatic tradition of Konnakol rhythmic patterns. I’d love to mentor a project following a similar approach this year, exploring a different patterny practice.

I outline the sort of thing I’m looking for here, although also happy to be surprised by alternative takes! There are some constraints, it has to involve Haskell, and support you in making your first proper contributions to open source. It could involve tidalcycles, but that is certainly not a requirement.

I’m happy to answer questions via email (






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