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  • Patterns in Deep Time

    Patterns in Deep Time

    Back in the summer of ’22, Dave Griffiths, Lizzie Wilson, Iván Paz and myself Alex McLean ran a workshop introducing tablet weaving to live coders (musicians who manipulate algorithms to make their music or other performing artform), to introduce them to ways of thinking about the algorithmic patterns they work with from the standpoint of…

  • Algorithmic Pattern Salon 2023

    Algorithmic Pattern Salon 2023

    The draft schedule and free signup for the Algorithmic Pattern Salon is now live! The salon is an international effort by Laura Devendorf, Vernelle Noel, Iván Paz, Anuradha Reddy, Elizabeth Wilson and myself Alex McLean, with the help of many folks who helped review all the submissions. We’ve put together a schedule of dozens of…

  • Open call: Algorithmic Pattern Salon

    Open call: Algorithmic Pattern Salon

    Algorithmic Patterns in Creative Arts, Craft and Code Salon dates: 23/24th November 2023Deadline for submissions: 22nd September 2023 We are happy to announce the open call for contributions for the first Algorithmic Pattern Salon, taking place online (with potential local gatherings) 23/24th November. The salon will be interdisciplinary and open access. For full details of…

  • Strudel: Live Coding Patterns on the Web

    Strudel: Live Coding Patterns on the Web

    I’ve been working on the TidalCycles live coding environment well over a decade now, and still am (exciting rewrite in the works!). It’s designed for live coding music with code, based on ideas of patterns inspired by systems like the Bol Processor. By now it has a vibrant, worldwide community of practitioners and contributors behind…

  • Summer contributor: Saachi Kaup on Mandala patterns

    Summer contributor: Saachi Kaup on Mandala patterns

    The Summer of Haskell is a programme funded via the Haskell Foundation, supporting students and other newcomers with a stipend and mentorship to make their first open source contributions to the Haskell ecosystem. Haskell is a pure functional programming language, which I have enjoyed working with for many years, including making the TidalCycles language for…

  • Collaboration: Patterns In Between Intelligences

    Collaboration: Patterns In Between Intelligences

    It’s been a privilege to be collaborating as part of the Patterns In Between Intelligences project with fellow live coder Lizzie Wilson, e-textile designer Mika Satomi, and choreographers/performers Deva Schubert and Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez. The following video shows an early prototype and describes the motivation behind the work. The funding source via the LINK…

  • London Pattern Club

    London Pattern Club

    The good people of London are independently setting up their own Pattern Club! They’ll be meeting every Wednesday at SET Social in Peckham, to “explore topics such as live coding, weaving, and algorithmic art through hands-on projects, talks and demonstrations.” You can find more details over on the SET Social website. If you’re interested in…

  • Summer of Haskell call for proposals

    Summer of Haskell call for proposals

    UPDATE – the Summer of Haskell was not selected for funding support from Google, so won’t be going ahead in that form unfortunately. There is still a chance that it will be funded a different way. In any case, I (Alex) am always happy to hear from people who have algorithmic pattern-related projects and need…

  • Algorithmic pattern online talk series

    Algorithmic pattern online talk series

    Around June 2022, we hosted six excellent speakers exploring algorithmic patterns from their own perspectives, in particular: The talks took place online, and happily are all archived and available to watch on our youtube channel.

  • Sheffield Pattern Club

    Sheffield Pattern Club

    Local live coders/pattern enthusiasts Lucy Cheesman, Ray Morrison and I have started a monthly ‘pattern club’ in Sheffield, dedicated to a different kinds of hands-on pattern making. The first two events were about live coding music, the last one in December 2022 was about Kumihimo braiding, and the next one in January 2023 will be…