Live Notation for Patterns of Movement

After a long journey, the journal article “Live Notation for Patterns of Movement” is published! This shares thinking behind the algorithmic choreography collaboration between Kate Sicchio and myself Alex McLean, where they have been exploring algorithmic patterns of movement in robots and humans (including themselves). The article explores false assumptions in generative arts, before exploring some of the history of notating movements and introducing our work, and its relation to the journal issue’s theme of exhaustion.

As with all our work, the article is open access under a permissive creative commons license, and so is available to be read for free on the TDR (The Drama Review) journal website.

McLean, Alex, and Kate Sicchio. ‘Live Notation for Patterns of Movement’. Live Notation for Patterns of Movement 68, no. 1 (1 March 2024): 104–16.






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